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The Moments In-Between

December 8, 2016

The first half of this year was such an exhausting whirlwind. I was all over the planet, and didn’t really stop to take a breath until September hit. Autumn, for me, was a chance to appreciate the monotony and stability that come with routine — things I typically take for granted. I cooked more, I spent time with my family, I did yoga, I made tea, I went on walks. I was reminded of the good things that come with being home and being rooted. I’ve been working on a project with refugees in Omaha, and talking to people who view Omaha as this place of freedom and possibility has made me see my home with new, fresh eyes. It’s been good.

I’m still traveling, though. I just fulfilled my yearly goal to leave the state of Nebraska at least once a month. In autumn, most of my adventures brought me to quiet lakes and forests in Vermont and Idaho or to visits with friends in Milwaukee, Kansas City, and Chicago — a city where I don’t even feel like a tourist anymore.

I was intentional about my photo taking while I took in all of this slowed down, quiet energy that contrasted so much with the beginning of 2016. My workhorse cameras have been spending more time at home as I’ve opted for cameras that force me to shoot differently. In September I brushed off my film camera after more than a year. Somehow, shooting film aways helps me focus on those in between moments — the ones that aren’t picture perfect, but that help you remember who you actually were in that little slice of time when you look back. A blurry snap at my mom’s wedding, dinner in Coeur d’Alene, a conversation in a kitchen. I’m trying my best to keep this up. I like the moments in the middle. Below, some snaps from Spirit Lake, Montreal, Chicago, Omaha, Milwaukee, Burlington, and a few places in-between.

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