December 13, 2014

I’m done traveling for a while, which (I cannot believe I’m saying this right now) is really nice. I’ve spent a little too much time in planes this year, and it’ll be nice to be on the ground for a few weeks.

This past month was busy with work trips and friend trips. I drove to Chicago to finally see my best friend Rachel since her return from a year in Japan. We went to the Shedd Aquarium (which might be my favorite place in Chicago), and spent two nights hanging out at concerts and braving the cold downtown. A weekend in San Francisco previewed the Chicago trip. Most of that time was spent conference-ing, but I did get to go across the Golden Gate Bridge. This was my second time in San Francisco. Both times I haven’t had enough time to really experience the city. Must go back.

Last, but not least was a weekend in Tornoto. Every single Canadian I’ve ever met is kind and adventurous and all-around cool, so I had high hopes for my first time visiting the land of poutine. It was a cool city — reminded me a lot of New York City, with less parks (as far as I could tell). I think my next Canadian adventure will call for mountains, rather than skyscrapers.

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