MAHA 2014

September 16, 2014

Somehow it’s been almost a month since Maha Music Festival 2014, so I’m a little late on my blog post-ing. This year’s fest was absolutely their best one yet. I was lucky enough to be involved with creating this year’s lineup video and got to tote my camera around all day and take photos from the crowd, the stage, and from a ferris wheel (which was awesome). All in all, it was a beautiful day filled with good people, good food, and amazing music. Some photos I snapped are below. You can check out more photos and reviews of each band on Hear Nebraska. maha2014-4maha2014-1maha2014-5maha2014-10maha2014-17maha2014-23maha2014-25maha2014-27maha2014-33maha2014-35maha2014-36maha2014-48maha2014-61maha2014-62maha2014-68maha2014-69maha2014-72maha2014-79maha2014-84maha2014-85maha2014-88maha2014-90maha2014-97maha2014-102maha2014-106maha2014-115maha2014-116maha2014-118maha2014-121maha2014-123maha2014-124maha2014-136maha2014-138maha2014-148maha2014-154maha2014-158maha2014-159maha2014-161maha2014-164maha2014sony-9maha2014sony-10maha2014sony-11maha2014sony-13maha2014sony-16

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