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The Moments In-Between

The first half of this year was such an exhausting whirlwind. I was all over the planet, and didn’t really stop to take a breath until September hit. Autumn, for me, was a chance to appreciate the monotony and stability that come with routine — things I typically take for granted. I cooked more, I spent […]

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Before this year, I’d never revisited any of the countries I’d travelled to. As the list of places I want to go gets longer and sometimes stranger (I won’t lie — Iran is pretty high on my list right now), it’s hard to justify going to a place you’ve already been. Thailand was the first place […]

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I lasted two months in the US before I boarded a plane to fly across the ocean again. This time, I wasn’t alone, and this time it was easier to say “goodbye” as my sister, Erin, and I would be away for just one month. We had a family trip to Ireland planned for early […]

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Good Living Tour 2016

This year’s Good Living Tour storytelling trip in June left me tired and sunburned and just about satisfied my road trip quota for the summer. It was also a reminder of how beautiful my home state is, which was especially nice after being away for most of this year. Our time spent driving through cornfields and down small […]

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After almost three months of sweltering heat, suffocating smog, humans on humans, motorbikes, rooster crows, and the all-around chaos that is Southeast Asia, I flew to Japan for some (relative) peace and quiet to end my travels. Initially, I was planning to stop in Japan on my way home to break up the painfully long travel […]

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Vietnam Part 3: The North

Part 1, featuring south Vietnam, is here and part 2, featuring central Vietnam, is here. Northern Vietnam is the supposed to be the pinnacle of the Vietnam backpacking experience. Most everyone who travels from south to north hightails it to Hanoi, and plans overnight tours to Sapa or Ha Long Bay or — if you’ve got the time […]

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