May 8, 2014

A year ago today, I turned 22 (the photo below is with my friend Min from that day, while we were having birthday brews and burgers). That day, I was at a perfect crossroads. The day before, I had finished the last final exam of my college career, and the day after, I was starting a brand new internship, which is now my full-time job at Flywheel. I crossed from college life to the real world as I crossed from 21 to 22. Here’s a list of 22 things I learned in my 22nd year of life, and my first full year in “the real world”:


1. If you ask someone out to “pick their brain,” make sure you pick up the tab
2. You are really, really small
3. Don’t think too hard about what it all means
4. Brunch is a very important meal
5. If it’s scary, it probably means it’s going to be good for you
6. Age has nothing to do with maturity
7. Don’t worry about what other people are going to think of what you’re making
8. Unless you’re getting paid to make that thing… then worry about what the client is going to think. But that’s it.
9. End every argument with a hug. Resolve things, don’t perpetuate them.
10. Cherish weekends. Don’t waste them.
11. Traveling alone is actually pretty awesome
12. There’s no reason to be intimidated by others–they’re trying to figure it all out, too
13. Northwest is best
14. Read the instructions. Seriously. It’ll take you 2 minutes.
15. Own your ideas; make no excuses or apologies
16. Thoughtful gifts > last minute re-gifting
17. Don’t spend all your money on things, spend money on experiences
18. When you DO spend money on things, spend it on things that will last (i.e. a well-made, badass pair of shoes)
19. Stick with people who stick to their word
20. Communicate clearly
21. Indian food for every meal is not ok
22. People appreciate your words; embrace that

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