January 2, 2015

2014 was an adventure and a half. All the drives and the plane rides and photoshoots and concerts and good people made it one of the best yet. I hope 2015 brings the same, and then some. Some things I did and learned and took photos of are below.



  • Experienced what was probably the most fun New Year’s Eve I’ve ever had dancing on a stage with my very favorite people.
  • Hit a 5-year milestone. Left a lot of sadness behind.
  • Made a goal to leave the state of Nebraska at least once every month. Failed to successfully leave in month one.


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  • Spent time photographing bands at SXSW for the second year in a row.
  • Threw the most fun 50th birthday bash for my mom.
  • Bought a lot of plants.



  • Crossed Asia off my list of continents with a trip to Thailand with Rachel. Rode an elephant.
  • Explored foreign cities (Bangkok and Beijing) by myself for the first time.
  • Had a blast with friends shooting a video for Maha Music Festival’s lineup announcement.
  • Welcomed lots of new people to the Flywheel team. Hired my first ever intern.



  • Celebrated 23 trips around the sun.
  • DJ’d Big Omaha’s closing party with the founder of Twitter. Still confused as to how that happened.
  • Went to my first real conference in Boston. Had to make friends with strangers.
  • Watched my little brother graduate from 8th grade. Realized he might be one of the coolest people I know.
  • Visited New York City for the first time. Spent a whole day lying in the grass in Central Park with Alex.



  • Watched one my favorite bands finally perform in Omaha.
  • Went to my 5-year high school reunion (what?).
  • Spent a lot of time drinking and eating on patios. Decided La Buvette is one of my favorite places in the world.
  • Bought a really cute yellow bike.



  • Said goodbye to Lauren before her move to West Virginia.
  • Went to Vail for the first time in more than 5 years.
  • White-water rafted and didn’t die.
  • Discovered that I really hate disc golf.




  • Spent time in Idaho with really good people.
  • Moved to a new office with Flywheel. Fell in love with new office.
  • Moved into a new apartment all by myself.
  • Grew up fast and cared for my sick grandma while my mom was across the world. Realized that my mom is superwoman.
  • Started taking pottery classes. Found a new hobby.
  • Freelanced, freelanced, freelanced.



  • Met a friend’s brand new baby. Realized adulthood is here. Had brief quarter-life freakout.
  • Ate a turkey leg at Vala’s Pumpkin Patch.
  • Celebrated being in a happy, healthy relationship for a whole year with Alex.
  • Crossed the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Spent Halloween with (almost) all of my very best friends in Chicago.
  • Reunited with Rachel after her year in Japan.



  • Helped launch Omaha’s very first Sofar Sounds show.
  • Went to the Shedd Aquarium again. Obsessed over the beluga whales.
  • Visited Canada for the fist time. Ate poutine.


sofar2-4 copy

  • Presented my photography take on Home Alone at Pecha Kucha’s “Storytime” event. Didn’t throw up.
  • Cried and hugged and celebrated the life of a high school friend’s beautiful, wonderful mother.
  • Celebrated the holidays with new co-workers and new friends.
  • Booked a flight to New Zealand with Alex to start 2015 off with a hell of an adventure.
  • Rang in the new year feeling very grateful.

On to the next one. Thanks for reading :)

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